Spend Less Money on Training Pants For Your Toddler

3 Simple Ways Will Save Your Money...

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How do you spend less money on training pants for your baby or toddler?

Thinking creatively will help you to save your money as you also use fewer resources, reducing waste


Training pants are a helpful transitional stage on the way from nappies to undies. They are cheaper to buy than nappies, as they are smaller with less padding. For EC this is a benefit as during the day if baby wets, you want them changed promptly anyway, and training pants make that easier as it can be done on the run. This is helpful for the baby who simply won't lay still for a nappy change!


How can you save when you need to get a bunch (called a 'stash') of trainers for your baby or toddler?


Here are 3 helpful suggestions to keep your budget low when using training pants:

1. Buy second hand to test style and fit!


- Custom made trainers are made to suit certain baby shapes- that's probably one of the reasons each pattern was designed in the first place. Buy them at a nice discount to test drive them.

2. Convert commercial trainers into more effective ones.

- Training pants from the large shopping chains tend to have a bit of ineffective foam in the soaker area. Add some more! Chop a prefold or an old towel lined with something soft and stitch into place. Quick, cheap and easy. Or stitch two pairs of knickers together with a bit of towelling in between the two padding areas - easy light 'backup' for little 'Uh-oh's' on the way to the toilet!

3. Use a Training Pant Pattern and make your own.

- You can save by buying a pattern to make your own training pants for your baby or toddler. Find trainer patterns here. Use recycled fabrics, or adapt 'reclaimed' clothes into new uses. Prefold nappies are softened and made absorbent with time and use, and guess what? The soaker area is ready- made!

As your baby then toddler weans to regular knickers, a psychological feel of regular underwear can help them to master the clothing skills, while giving puddle protection. Training pants have little bulk in the wash and it's easy to carry a spare pair.

With these three ideas you can save money - whether it is only for reducing your budget, or also to recycle fabrics into new trainers, to reuse nappies that already have a low carbon footprint or to have a bit of fun sewing!

As you are reading this, you already know to avoid single-use disposable trainers as much as possible they are expensive, contribute more waste and are really not helping your child to improve their continence. Use them sparingly and thoughtfully.

Training pants are an important and helpful stage in your child's journey to toilet independence. Use them, and save money and help the environment at the same time.


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